DIGITAL TASK FORCE provides cell phone forensics services for a number of mobile devices.

Cell phones and mobile devices can prove to be valuable sources of information in many types of investigations. Parties in litigation seeking to prove usage of stolen client lists often find important clues by analyzing patterns of activities on cell phones and PDAs, including contacts and their creation dates as well as when and how often certain phone numbers were called.

DIGITAL TASK FORCE performs cell phone and mobile device data acquisition on a flat rate basis. Where a cell phone or mobile device is listed as a supported model, DIGITAL TASK FORCE is often able to copy all of the data off the device for further review or analysis in a few hours’ time.

DIGITAL TASK FORCE does not provide cell phone forensics services related to spyware, malware, or hacking investigations. Our services focus on preservation of evidence and recovery of deleted information for litigation purposes. DIGITAL TASK FORCE is unable to guarantee that the specific deleted data being sought will be recovered given how often data is overwritten on mobile devices.

The following content can usually be retrieved from smart phone devices:

  • Call logs
  • Contact lists
  • Locations (Wi-Fi, cell towers and GPS coordinates)
  • SMS (Text) and MMS (Video/Audio) Messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Email
  • And More!