Digital forensics has the ability to help reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user. From documents that were accessed, deleted or transferred to remote locations, or understanding a computer user’s internet surfing activities, computer forensics can be very revealing. Because of the insight provided by computer forensics, civil litigation often requires the use of a qualified and experienced computer forensics expert witness to assist with understanding the facts related to a computer’s use and activities by the purported computer user.

Digital computer Sometimes computer users will attempt to hide or conceal illicit use of their computer while working on company time. The usage of technologies including encryption and privacy software is often used by rogue employees as an effort to obscure their inappropriate activities. Most employees leaving their company for a competitor can’t resist the urge to take client data, vendor supplier information, past quotations, employee information and more. This information is often used by the recently departed employee to steal clients, vendors, data models and employees away from their former employer. Intellectual property today often exists in digital form and as such, tons of banker boxes worth of data can be copied in under an hour to a portable USB storage device that can be purchased for fewer than 8000 rupees.

DIGITAL TASK FORCE’s computer forensic examiners are skilled at finding data that other firms miss and then sequencing and analysing the Meta data so that a narrative explanation of the events that took place can be established.

Considering high demand for such services DIGITAL TASK FORCE has set up a full-fledged computer forensics lab with latest Digital Forensic tools which are manned by experienced Digital Forensic investigators and experts that uses forensically sound methods, defensible chain of custody to solve complex Digital Crimes, fraud detection, E-discovery cases. Such as:

  • Use of company’s digital peripherals or technology for personal gain
  • Violation of company acceptable user policies
  • Launching denial of service attacks against a company
  • Corporate Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Departing employee investigation
  • Mystery calling
  • Cyber Stalking, Harassment and threats
  • Lost and tampered files
  • Discrimination

We serve following services:

  • Computer Forensics including forensic analysis of all files systems
  • Mobile Forensics for basic Phones and PDA and I-Phone and blackberry analysis
  • Network Forensics
  • Incidence & emergency response services
  • Forensic bit stream imaging of various digital storage devices
  • Digital Data recovery
  • Password recovery
  • Stenography detection
  • Inappropriate & pornographic content detection & Analysis
  • Comprehensive search with in hard disks, networks and storage devices
  • Physical and logical media analysis
  • Corrupt operating system data retrieval
  • Email investigations- tracking of malicious or threatening e-mail senders
  • OUTLOOK forensic along with password recovery
  • On site acquisition of digital/electronic evidence and custody maintenance
  • Digital Fraud Investigations
  • E-Discovery
  • Content analysis
  • Expert witness and testimony service