Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual Property law deals with the creative ideas and expressions of the human mind that have commercial value and receives the legal protection of the property right. The major legal mechanisms for protection of intellectual property rights are copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs.

Our Firm possesses information for protection of various intellectual property rights from its exploitation. It focuses on the registration of the intangible rights for the betterment in functioning of commercial trade.

The practical security of the abstract thoughts’ is the key of our organization. The Firm caters in the infinite legal operation of intellectual property in the following enumerations.

► Registration of trademarks and copyrights, designs and patents

► Intellectual Property civil and criminal litigation

► Identification of the physical characteristics of the infringed works

► Legal mechanism for protection of the intellectual property rights

► Endeavour to obtain compensation in litigations in infringement disputes and passing off matters

► Legal advice for the protection of the bundle of rights in copyrighted works

► Patenting agreements of pharmaceuticals and biotech companies

► Drafting of various IP related agreements