Arbitration is a reference to the decision of one or more persons of a particular matter in difference between the parties without the intervention of the Court.

The number and complexity of civil dispute today is increasing inexorably. Our objective is to promote quick settlement of industrial and commercial disputes and bring an amicable resolution between the parties.

Today, the world has adopted international commercial arbitration to resolve the disputes between two nations, two multinationals or likewise.

India has also enacted Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 to include certain provisions on International Commercial Arbitration.

The Firm provides information on arbitration laws and Administrative Dispute Resolution procedures for smoothing the work efficiency of the clients. The Firm also provide with the facilities for conducting the arbitral proceedings..

The Firm enhances and promulgates the services in numerous fields of arbitration, namely –

► Arbitration agreements

► Initiation of arbitration rather than litigation

► Domestic conciliation

► Venue of arbitration

► Code of ethics for arbitration

► Institutional assistance

► Organization of arbitration proceedings