As all, we know cyber-crime on high nowadays and most of the people are targeted in any way. Government Investigating Agencies are doing the best job to find out the criminals however due to explode of such incidents and limitation of technology may not provide the desired results in specified time. To overcome that limitation we do provide Computer Forensic & Cyber Crime Investigation training programs for Government Investigating Agencies, in which we will follow Best Practice & Reasonable Security Practice along with hands-on practice on latest forensic tool and techniques.

DAY 1:

  • Basic knowledge of Computer
  • Hands-on practice on the Computer Peripherals
  • Introduction of Digital World
  • What is cyber-crime?
  • Introduction of Cyber Crime & latest trends in Cyber Crimes
  • Prevention of cyber crime
  • Registration of FIR/ Applications & Primary Investigation
  • Incident Response
  • Cyber Laws related to Digital World
  • What kind of problems police department (Law Enforcement) faces while investigating the Cyber-crimes and other technical crimes?

DAY 2:

  • Search and Seizure & Forwarding
  • Hands-on practical with forensic software and hash value calculation
  • What is the best procedure to investigate the cyber-crimes/frauds and other technical frauds?
  • Introduction of Computer Forensic
  • Investigation of Cyber Crime & Computer Forensic
  • Introduction of Mobile Forensic & Social Media App Forensic
  • IT Act 2000 & 2008 AMD.
  • How to present Digital Evidence in court of law
  • What is a COC? Why is it important?
  • Evidence Handling & How to present in the court of law?
  • What is documentation? Why is it important?