An education in Digital Task Force, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Crime Scene Investigation, Data Breach Investigation etc courses provides the backbone for those who wish to work within the justice department as a Forensic Expert, Scientist, Security Analyst, Cyber Crime Investigator, Administrator, Bailiff, Private Investigator, Detective, Forensic Analyst, Forensic Examiner, Teacher, Legal Consultant or in other positions. We prepare students with competencies in the areas of finding, preserving, developing, collecting, analyzing, recording and presenting physical evidence utilizing modern scientific methods used in the field and laboratory for forensic identification. Students may begin the course and complete assignments at their own convenience.

Upon completion of course content requirements, satisfactory performance on assignments, examinations, and evaluation completion, students are awarded a Course Degree / Diploma Certificate of Completion, Mark Sheets, and Course Completion Letter.

Course Benefits and Features

DIGITAL TASK FORCE Courses Certification is Good for your resume / CV, Good for the Profession. Different course certification types and modes have a different benefit. Improve your Interests, Skills, and Knowledge. We will help you start your own Forensic Practice, Career & Forensic Services, Investigation, Detective agency or consultancy. Indicates skill and expertise levels and Progressing more quickly on your career journey. All study materials are designed for Self-Study mode. Add additional weightage to your basic qualification. Learn the basics in a few days or become an expert on an in-depth course certification and much more…

Our Courses:

Training Programme on Hash Value and 65 b Certificate
Certified Cyber Crime Analyst (Certified CCA)
Cyber Crime & Data Breach Investigator (CCDBI)
Digital Forensic Analyst (DFA)
Certified Advanced Digital Forensic Examiner (CADFE)
Certificate in Cyber Law
Certificate Advanced Program in Cyber Law Certified Hacking Professional (CHP)
Security Analysis Expert (SAE)
Certified Web Penetration Tester (Certified WPT)
Certified Digital Forensic Analyst
Certified Advanced Digital Forensic Examiner
Digital Forensic Essentials
Digital Evidence Analyst
Short-Term Certificate Course in Cyber Forensics
Advanced Diploma Course Certification in Cyber Forensics
PG Diploma Course Certification in Cyber Forensics
Network Forensic Analyst
Mobile Forensic Analyst

Why Digital Task Force?

  • We incorporate a progressive learning methodology which aids the comprehension of techniques and tools alike while facing newer challenges.
  • We have a set of standard courses outlined in different domains. However, we also offer customized courses for candidates from diverse backgrounds with specific requirements.
  • We don’t just finish the modules but ensure that you have learns it right. We take comprehensive tests and quizzes at the end of the sessions.
  • You get value for your investment with us through the courses conducted with exhaustive practical and assignments.