Certificate in Cyber Law

Fees: 5000.00 for Indian residents

Eligibility: 12th passed out

Duration: 20 Hrs

Score at least 70% to pass this course.

Consider this. Instances of cyber-crime have gone up by 207% in the last one year; point out statistics given out by the Mumbai police in April 2015. With the World Wide Web virtually at your fingertips, cyber-crimes are on the rise. Credit card frauds, phishing email scams, online romance scams, hacking of accounts and revenge porn cases are some of the more notorious forms of cyber-crime. Relationships are lived out in the virtual world and there are even cases of matrimonial fraud rampant in the online portals.

In such a changed scenario, digital evidence is needed in almost all legal cases today, including divorce as evidence of cruelty, adultery and other matrimonial offenses. The evidence is mostly in the form of e-mails, WhatsApp messages and social media chats.

It is significant to note that data theft is also on the rise, where databases of major E-commerce firms are targeted and subsequently the user data is used to commit online banking frauds, extortion etc.

Career Opportunities:

The program will help practicing lawyers and those working in IT companies to update their knowledge of Cyber Laws.