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DTF Legal Services LLP - Your security partner!

DTF Legal Services LLP has a skill mix of Digital Forensic Experts, Cyber Crime Investigators, and Certified Information Security experts serving customers in Law Enforcement, Enterprises and the growing SME segment.

DTF Legal Services LLP (DIGITAL TASK FORCE) is a Digital Forensics and specialized Information Security Solutions & Services Company. It helps customers in Law Enforcement and Enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve and protect from threats, crimes, frauds and acts of terrorism arising due to vast proliferation and usage of Digital, Communication applications and artefacts in our personal and professional lives.

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For Corporates

Certificate 65B and Hash Value

Electronic Government Evidence document and Cryptographic fingerprint of a file.

Security Audits

A manual and systematic measurable technical assessment of a system or application.

Cyber Crime Investigations

Techniques to investigate corporate computer/electronic based crimes.


For Individuals

Cyber Crime Investigation

Techniques to investigate individual computer/electronic based crimes.

Legal Counsel & Representation

Guidance for right Technical/Legal procedure and Legal Services.

Training and Upskilling

Hands on experience on Security Auditing and Cyber-Crime Research and Analysis.